Here Comes The Most Deadly Cannon XM913 50mm Bushmaster

The Army is now in possession of a handful of beastly 50mm cannons to incorporate into future prototypes of its next-generation replacement for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. The service has taken delivery of four XM913 50mm chain guns developed by Northrop Grumman with plans to acquire seven more systems ahead of an imminent order of 10 additional cannons for qualification, testing,

and integration activities in 2021. The U.S. Army is considering handing out 50mm XM913 Bushmaster automatic cannons to companies working on possible replacements for the service’s Bradly Fighting Vehicles. At least one defense contractor is already pitching a design using this weapon, which reflects a growing Army interest in larger guns for its armored fighting vehicles as potential opponents, particularly Russia, are also up-gunning their fleets.